Rabbit Hutch ‘The One’


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‘The One’ rabbit hutch is the ultimate mansion for your furry friends. It has a double-storey playground and huge panoramic windows so you can watch your rabbits at play.

Two tunnel holes lead to a dimly lit nesting chamber easily accessible through a hinged lid.

A hinged maintenance door and the removable floor make cleaning a breeze.

Animal shelters and feeders are non-returnable for animal health protection reasons.

Please find the detailed description and a demo video below:


If a commercial designer rabbit hutch existed in South Africa, this is ‘The One’.

‘The One’ is the ultimate mansion for your furry friends. The inside sports a well-lit double-storey playground that is reachable via intermediate platforms. The owner can observe the inside activities through the massive front and back panoramic windows. They also reduce boredom by allowing the occupants to follow the outside happenings from both levels.

The rabbits can slip away into the dimly lit nesting chamber at the side of the house through two tunnel holes. It is simple to access this hide-away by lifting the hinged lid.

With a hinged maintenance access door, reaching and cleaning the elevated platforms has never been simpler. In addition, one can pull out the house’s floor to remove any droppings. Cleaning is a breeze all around.

The roof incorporates a grooming platform that is also good for storing feed or keeping the bunnies safe while one is busy with rabbit hutch housekeeping chores.

‘The One’ is designed for outdoor use without overheating, even in full sun. Cooler air draws into the house from the shaded underside, and while it heats up, the hotter air rises through a hidden ventilation channel into the roof, where it escapes through a screened vent.

The outside rabbit run area protects the furry residents with thick galvanised welded mesh on sturdy frames. Digging out is prevented by a bottom layer of galvanised mesh, ideally buried below the surface, so it is only met when digging.

The house is elevated by half a meter, so the little ones have a shady and dry spot right underneath.

One of the two top sections of the run is hinged. This feature is practical for opening or closing the house door, removing or hooking on the extended access ramp, or grabbing the babies for cuddles.

Are the bunnies allowed to roam around? No problem. The short end of the run functions as a lockable flap, and you swing it open or close as required.


  • Approximate total expanse: 230 cm (l), 75 cm (w), 165 cm (h)
  • Made from A-grade solid pine from sustainable forests
  • The timber is sealed with a top marine-grade wood preserve, suitable for outdoor use
  • Tongue and groove construction
  • No nails! Only galvanised bolts, stainless steel hinges and rust-resistant screws.
  • Panoramic perspex viewing windows in front and back
  • Nest box with a hinged lid
  • 3-level indoor playground
  • Integrated grooming platform and storage compartment
  • The inner door slides shut.
  • Heat insulation and screened ventilation channel in the upper section
  • Access ramp
  • Lockable hinged maintenance door
  • The slide-out droppings tray is easy to clean
  • Escape proof bottom
  • Robust galvanised welded mesh on all sides and top to keep bunnies in and predators out
  • Rotating flap to enable roaming
  • Two persons can easily move the structure.

Additional information

Weight 75 kg
Dimensions 230 × 75 × 165 cm


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