Double Chamber Bat Box


Bats play a crucial role in South Africa’s ecosystems by providing pollination services for plants, controlling insect populations, and spreading seeds. Unfortunately, these fascinating creatures face various threats, like habitat loss, pesticide use, and roost destruction. Therefore, it’s crucial to put in place conservation efforts to protect them and ensure their continued presence in South Africa’s skies.

GardenStuff makes Bat Boxes according to the guidelines of the Kent Bat Society. They are made of all-natural pine, which is weather and decay-resistant, ensuring years of use. You can mount this bat house quickly to a wall, pole, or tree using two nails included in the package. The grooved wood design of the bat box creates an excellent clinging surface, making it the perfect habitat for bats. The double-chamber bat box shelters up to 16 bats, providing a natural mosquito and outdoor pest control solution.

These solid pine bat boxes are handmade in South Africa and are maintenance-free. They have approximate dimensions of 66 cm (h) x 27 cm (w) x 21 cm (d) and weigh around 4 kg. Interestingly, bats constitute roughly 20% of all mammal species. One bat can eat 600 insects a night, equivalent to a human eating 20 pizzas in one sitting, as John Stupard once noted.

Also, our bat box is made from untreated rough-sawn timber, is rainproof, and is draft-free, which is essential for the bats’ safety and comfort. Moreover, it’s self-cleaning and maintenance-free, making it ideal for you. To achieve optimal results, it’s best to fix the box as high as possible in a sheltered, wind-free position, exposed to the sun for part of the day. Additionally, a clear flight line to the box is necessary.

Finally, animal shelters and feeders are non-returnable due to biosecurity. We offer free shipping to SA metros.

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Our Bat Boxes are made according to the guidelines of the Kent Bat Society.

  • ALL NATURAL PINE BAT BOX – Weather and decay-resistant for years of use. This bat house mounts quickly to a wall, pole or tree with two nails (included).
  • SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO ATTRACT BATS – The grooved wood design creates an excellent clinging surface to make the perfect habitat for bats.
  • SHELTERS UP TO 16 BATS – Perfect bat habitat for natural mosquito and outdoor pest control.
  • MADE IN SOUTH AFRICA – These maintenance-free solid pine bat boxes are handmade.

Approximate Dimensions:
66 cm (h) x 27 cm (w) x 21 cm (d)
Weight: ± 4 kg

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 51 × 41 × 20 cm
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