The ‘Carrot Cottage’ is a handmade, multi-level shelter with enough space to house a bunny or two safely and comfortably.

We only use top-quality solid pine, galvanised bolts and hinges, and rust-resistant screws to build the sturdy hutch.
We treat the timber with a top marine-grade wood sealer to endure the harsh weather conditions in the Cape.

Keeping the inside of the portable house clean couldn’t be easier. It’s quick and straightforward, as it has a slide-out droppings tray, and the inside platforms can be removed after lifting off the roof.

The access ramp is hooked below the lockable door.

A framed Perspex window lets sufficient light into the multi-level playground, and one can observe what’s going on inside this one-of-a-kind rabbit hutch.

Approximate Dimensions:
Roof: 79 cm x 82cm
Hutch: 74 cm x 56 cm
Height: 113 cm
Ramp: 104 cm x 23 cm

Animal shelters and feeders are non-returnable for animal health protection reasons.