Catio ‘Mini Tower’


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Cats like climbing, they love being up high.

The cat access door slides open and close.

It has two hinged access door for maintenance purposes.
Six floating platforms are provided at different levels.

The floor to ceiling scratch and climbing pole is an optional extra and must be ordered separately.

Approximate Measurements:
136 cm (l) x 64 cm x 204 cm (h)


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Approximate Measurements:
136 cm x 64 cm x 204 cm (h)

Suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Materials used:
The framework is made from CCA pressure-treated pine, painted white with an oil-based primer, making it rot-resistant for many years in an outdoor environment.
The fence segments are connected with zink coated screws and covered with a visually pleasing and exceptional durable plastic mesh. It will not decay or change appearance.
All segments are fastened together with galvanised, rust-resistant bolts.
The maintenance doors open and close with non-rusting stainless steel hinges.

The roof is covered with plywood that has been sealed with marine-grade Woodoc 50. Solid pine and rust-resistant screws are used for the sliding cat access door. The pine has also been treated with a marine-grade timber sealant.

The sleeping platforms are made with thick plywood and fastened onto the fence panels with galvanised bolts.

Additional information

Dimensions 135 × 64 × 104 cm


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