The cage is escape-proof and ideal for protecting small animals like rabbits from predator attacks.

This 1.4-meter-long, extremely robust cage protects the occupants from outside danger and, at the same time, prevents them from digging their way out. It is on all sides enclosed with a sturdy 50 mm aperture fully galvanised (not partially galvanised) welded mesh. Bunnies, for example, can still munch on whatever sticks through the metal mesh.
The cage’s wooden shelter has been treated for outdoor use, protecting the furry friends from the elements. One can lift off the roof for access and maintenance.

Approximate ‘Fort Knox’ Dimensions:
140 cm x 73.5 cm x 68 cm (h)

Approximate Bunny Box Dimensions:
47 cm x 43 cm x 51 cm (h)

50 x 50 mm fully galvanised welded mesh
CCA-treated 38 x 38 mm pine battens
Galvanised bolts and hinges

Animal shelters and feeders are non-returnable for animal health protection reasons.