Mobile Chicken Coop ‘Tractor’


Use Case:
The ‘Tractor’ model is ideal for no more than three chickens who need to live in the safety of the chicken run. The coop is on wheels, so one person can quickly move it to fresh grazing patches.

The ‘Nkandla XL‘ model is a more economical option if mobility is not required.

Introducing the Mobile Chicken Coop Tractor: The All-in-One Solution for Happy Hens and Hassle-Free Chicken Keeping!

Imagine this: a spacious, secure coop and easy to move around your garden. A coop that keeps your hens happy and healthy while making your life as a chicken owner a breeze. Well, dream no more! The Mobile Chicken Coop Tractor from Gardenstuff is here to make your chicken-keeping dreams a reality.

 Crafted with Quality in Mind:

  • Built to last: Made from top-grade, sustainable SA pine, this coop is strong and durable and easily weathers the elements.
  • Secure and escape-proof: Featuring galvanised bolts, stainless steel hinges, and rust-resistant screws, this mobile chicken coop provides a haven for your feathered friends.
  • Easy to clean: The slide-out dropping tray makes cleaning a breeze, while the hinged chicken run door allows easy access to refilling food and water.

Designed for Comfort and Convenience:

  • Spacious living quarters: The coop provides ample space for your hens to roam and roost comfortably.
  • Fresh air and ventilation: The screened ventilation in the pitched roof ensures proper air circulation and keeps your hens cool in the summer.
  • Effortless egg collection: The built-in egg box with a hinged lid makes collecting eggs simple and enjoyable.
  • Easy access for you and your hens: The sliding access door is large enough for your chickens to enter the coop comfortably, while the hook-on chicken ramp ladder allows your hens to enter and exit their coop easily.

 The Mobile Advantage:

  • Move your coop around your garden quickly: The mobile design lets you position it in the sunniest spot or follow your flock as they graze on fresh grass.
  • Maintain a healthy, vibrant patch of land: By moving your coop regularly, you can prevent patches of your garden from becoming bare and unsightly. This allows your hens to enjoy fresh grass and helps to fertilise your soil naturally.

Investing in the Mobile Chicken Coop Tractor is an investment in the well-being of your chickens and the ease of your chicken-keeping experience. Order yours today and start reaping the rewards of happy, healthy hens and a thriving backyard ecosystem!


Approximate total expanse: 298 cm (l), 75 cm (w), henhouse 150 cm (h), chicken run 104 cm (h)

Ditch the Stationary Coop and Embrace the Mobile Chicken Coop Tractor: Free-Range Fun for You and Your Feathered Friends

Are you tired of the same old, stale coop? Do your chickens look at you with that “been there, done that” look when you toss them a handful of feed? Spice up their lives (and yours!) with the revolutionary Mobile Chicken Coop Tractor.

But why a Mobile Chicken Coop Tractor, you ask?

Let’s face it: chickens are curious creatures. They dream of rolling hills, verdant pastures, and the thrill of hunting for that elusive, particularly plump worm. The Mobile Chicken Coop Tractor brings that dream to your backyard. Imagine it: you stroll through your garden with your trusty tractor coop while your chickens cluck with glee, devouring fresh bugs and fertilising your soil as they go. It’s a win-win!

 Here’s why the Mobile Chicken Coop Tractor is the ideal feathered palace:

  • Fresh Pastures Daily: No more bored chickens pecking at the same dusty patch. The Mobile Chicken Coop Tractor allows you to rotate your coop to new locations in your garden, providing your chickens with a constant supply of fresh grass, greens, and the occasional unsuspecting worm.
  • Natural Fertiliser Factory: There is no need for expensive, chemical-laden fertilisers. Your chickens will happily turn your garden into a nutrient-rich paradise as they peck and scratch for treats.
  • Escape-Proof Paradise: The Mobile Chicken Coop Tractor is built with quality materials and boasts a secure design, keeping your chickens safe from predators and preventing any adventurous escape attempts (because, let’s face it, some chickens dream of becoming road warriors).
  • Easy Cleaning, Happy You: We designed the Mobile Chicken Coop Tractor for easy cleaning. No more wrestling with heavy coops—simply pull out and empty the droppings tray and tick off the cleaning chore of the day.

.Who Needs a Mobile Chicken Coop Tractor?

  • The Busy Bee: Do you have a busy lifestyle but still dream of fresh eggs and homegrown fertiliser? The Mobile Chicken Coop Tractor allows you to give your chickens the care they need with minimal effort.
  • The Space-Constrained: Dreaming of chickens but lacking a sprawling backyard? The Mobile Chicken Coop Tractor’s compact design is ideal for smaller gardens.
  • The Aspiring Gourmet: There’s nothing quite like the taste of a homegrown, free-range egg. The Mobile Chicken Coop Tractor helps ensure your chickens are happy and healthy, leading to delicious, nutritious eggs for you and your family.
  • The Entertainer: Want to impress your friends at your next braai? Casually mention your chickens have their own mobile coop and watch their jaws drop. It’s guaranteed to be a conversation starter!

So ditch the dull coop and embrace the Mobile Chicken Coop Tractor. It’s the coop your chickens will crow about and the secret weapon to a more vibrant garden and a more delicious breakfast.

We courier this coop flat-packed to SA metros at no charge.
The reassembly is straightforward and done by one person in 45 to 60 minutes.
You require no extra tools and no DIY expertise.

We deliver and set up in Cape Town and its immediate surroundings at no cost.

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