The ‘Eggsquisite’ Walk-In Chicken Coop


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Use Case:
‘The Eggsquisite’ is ideal for the concerned chicken keeper who houses up to twelve average-sized hens within a big chicken run that is accessible to the owner.

If the ‘walk-in’ capability is not a must, and also not the extra space with the ‘bells and whistle’ options, the ‘Cluckingham Palace‘ is a coop to consider instead.
If additional features are required, don’t hesitate to contact Uli at GardenStuff to discuss (071 – 245 1658 or

Hen House Features:

  • Two hinged maintenance doors to access the henhouse.
  • Two slide-out dropping trays for quick cleaning.
  • Large egg box with hook-up hinged lid, containing four nesting compartments (three hens on average, but up to seven will share one nest).
  • Nesting compartment access blocker.
  • One lockable chicken access door (aperture 30 cm x 20 cm) keeps chickens in or out.
  • Hidden ventilation channels prevent overheating.
  • Four roosts on different elevations and diameters (chickens have their preferences).
  • Two thick perspex windows.
  • One detachable chicken ramp ladder.
  • The henhouse rests on the base to keep undesired visitors out and provide additional sun and rain protection.

Chicken Run Features:

  • One chicken-run sliding door to enable free-roaming.
  • A full-height access door that is lockable from the inside and outside.
  • One elevated platform for food bowls, etc.
  • One 5-litre waterer is hooked up under the elevated platform to avoid contamination.
  • One 21-litre ‘No Mess’ pellets and grain chicken feeder with four feeding ports.
  • One cabbage netting.
  • One chicken swing to reduce boredom.
  • Three detachable roosts on different elevations.

Please scroll down for technical details and a demo video.


Here are the dimensions and other important details about our henhouse and chicken run:

• Henhouse Dimensions:

– Height: 1.49 m

– Width: 0.99 m

– Length: 1.44 m

– Area: 1.3 m²

• Chicken Run Dimensions:

– Height under Henhouse: 0.4 m

– Height of Lower Run Section: 1.04 m

– Height of Walk-In Section: 2.04 m

– Width: 1.3 m

– Length: 3.2 m

• Chicken Run Floor Space:
– 4.2 m²

• Floor Space Underneath the Rain and Sun Cover:
  – 1.7 m²

• Total Expanse:

– Height: 2.0 m

– Width: 1.4 m

– Length: 3.5 m

• Foot Print:

– Width: 1.34 m

– Length: 3.2 m

Please note that all measurements are approximate.


We offer free flat-pack shipping to SA metros. If you’re in Cape Town or its immediate surroundings, we will deliver and set up the henhouse and chicken run for you at no cost.

The reassembly process is straightforward and can be done in under two hours by one person and an assistant. Only two occasions require the helper to lift and drop the henhouse’s heavy roof, and the bulky top section of the chicken run onto the lower assembly. No extra tools or DIY expertise is required.

Additional information

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1 review for The ‘Eggsquisite’ Walk-In Chicken Coop

  1. Gary (verified owner)

    We love it. The installation was very straight forward. The instructions are easy to follow and well thought out. Every piece is numbered and it’s as simple as just bolting each piece to the next in numerical order.

    • Uli

      We are so happy to receive your rating about the ease of setting up such a considerable-sized structure. Many, many thanks, Gary, also for the five stars!

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