Chicken Coop ‘Cluckingham Palace’


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This large hen-house has been designed to accommodate up to ten chicken.

Are you a prospective owner? New to raising chickens? This free, handy how-to guide for the care of pet chickens is a quick read and covers all the basics: Keeping Chicken 101

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  • 2 x hinged Service Doors, one on each side
  • 2 x slide-out Dropping Trays for easy cleaning
  • Egg Box with hinged lid, containing four differently sized nesting compartments (up to seven hens share one nest)
  • Sliding Access Door
  • Hidden Ventilation Channels
  • 4 x Perches of different height and thickness (chicken have their preferences)
  • 3 x Plexiglass Mullion Windows
  • 1 x Chicken Ladder
  • Sun and rain protection below the hen-house

Hen-House Dimensions:
138 cm long, 97 cm wide, 155 cm high

Chicken-Run Dimensions:
2.54 m x 1.46 m x 1 m (h) = 3.7 sqm

Total Footprint:
3.5 m x 1.46 m
5.11 sqm

Please note that chicken coops are not hermetically sealed. A proper hen-house needs openings for access, ventilation and maintenance. We have done our utmost to prevent rainwater from getting inside the coop.

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1 review for Chicken Coop ‘Cluckingham Palace’

  1. Phumzile Mtshali

    This is the best purchase and decision I have made for my chickens. This Chicken Coop is perfect in every way, at night I sleep peacefully without worrying about the noise because I know my neighbours will not hear anything. Once the chickens are inside the Coop you will not hear any noise. It is like it has sound proof, yet with the most perfect ventilation. Even the rooster in the morning the sound is very faint. The service that is provided by Uli is amazing, he delivered the Coop himself, assembled it perfectly and made sure that I am happy with everything before leaving.

    I would really recommend the Cluckingham Palace if you want plenty of space and security for your chickens both during the day and at night when they go to sleep. The wood is heavy duty and resistant towards the Cape Town weathers.

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