Approximate Measurements:
90 cm x 90 cm x 28 cm (h)
Soil Volume: 162 litre/dm

Soil Recommendation: (FREE if you order this planter online and collect it from the factory)
4 x Organic Power Growth Soil Mix 20 dm (PWR)
3 x Organic Container Potting Soil 30 dm (PTS)

Free shipping to SA metros, assembled.

Money-saving tip:
If the container is intended to rest on bare ground, it will not necessarily need a wooden floor, and having a bottom adds substantially to the cost. A bottom is only beneficial if the container is on paving, a deck, etc. Purchasing a bottomless raised bed instead is considerably cheaper. If your concern is moles or penetrating grass, put down some chicken mesh and cardboard first.

To illustrate, compare the price to the equally sized planter ‘Bottomless Raised Bed, Square’ (BRB-S).