Bottomless Raised Bed, Square


Approximate Dimensions:
90 cm x 90 cm x 23 cm (h)
Soil Volume: 170 litre/dm

Soil Recommendation:
4 x Organic Power Growth Soil Mix (PWR)
3 x Organic Container Potting Soil 30 dm (PTS)

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Experienced gardeners use raised beds to sidestep a long list of gardening challenges.

The primary purpose of using raised beds is to grow in a custom soil mix because your soil is poor. The raised bed soil is lighter, fluffier, and contains more water and nutrients.

Lousy soil is out because you fill a raised bed with a customised soil-and-compost blend. Greater exposure to the sun warms the bed, allowing more plant diversity and extending the growing season. Plants can be spaced closely together, so yields go up, water-use efficiency is maximised, and weeds are crowded out.

Finally, raising the soil level by even 20 cm reduces the back-bending effort needed for jobs such as planting, weeding and harvesting.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 100 × 23 × 15 cm
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