Protect and Nurture Your Seedlings Outdoors with the Seedlings Grow Kit!

This innovative four-level shelter safeguards your delicate seedlings from harsh weather conditions, encouraging them to become vigorous, healthy plants. The robust, stackable frames customise the Grow Kit’s height to match your seedlings’ needs.

Why the Seedlings Grow Kit is a Gardener’s Essential:

  • Weatherproof Shield: The heavy-duty transparent plastic sheet protects your seedlings from damaging hail, forceful winds, and torrential rain while trapping warmth and moisture for optimal growth.
  • Customisable Protection: Adjust the top frame to control ventilation, preventing dampness and ensuring healthy development.
  • All-Round Care: Plant directly into the soil or utilise seedling trays. The four-level design maximises your growing space for a bounty of seedlings.
  • Easy Storage: Once your plants are ready to brave the elements, disassemble the Seedlings Grow Kit for compact storage until next season.

Give Your Seedlings the Best Chance with the Seedlings Grow Kit! Order yours today and foster a flourishing garden.

Outer Measurements:
115 cm x 72 cm x 30 cm (h)
Soil Volume: 150 litre/dm

Free shipping to SA metros.

Product Image:
Left: Bed closed for maximum temperature and protection
Right: Bed slightly open for ventilation and temperature control
Bottom: Seedlings Grow Kit prepared for shipping