Seedlings Grow Kit


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The four-level ‘Seedlings Grow Kit’ provides the perfect shelter and temperate environment to cultivate your delicate seedlings into young, vigorous plants, ready to meet the outside world.

The top frame is covered with a thick, transparent plastic sheet to create a sheltered hot-house effect. Ventilation and temperature are adjustable by sliding the top frame open or close. Furthermore, the cover protects the young plants from harsh weather, marauding birds, and pit-latrine digging cats.

No tools are required to slot the cold-frame together in seconds. Stack up one, two, three, or four frames to create the ideal height. Use it for seedling trays, or fill it up with soil, preferably with our ‘Organic Power Growth Soil Mix’ (get two bags worth R100 for free if you collect a pre-ordered set from our factory).

Once the kit has done its job, take it apart for storage, requiring very little space.


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Four slot- together and stack-up frames.
One frame is covered with a thick clear plastic sheet.

Outer Measurements:
115 cm x 72 cm x 30 cm (h)
Volume: 195 litre

Product Image:
Left: Bed closed for maximum temperature and protection
Right: Bed slightly open for ventilation and temperature control
Bottom: Seedlings Grow Kit prepared for shipping


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