Portable Picket Fence ‘Lausanne’


Lausanne Picket Fence: Keep Small Pets Out, Style Your Garden In

The Lausanne picket fence offers a beautiful and practical solution for creating borders or enclosures in your garden. Crafted from solid 19-22mm thick pine timber, the Lausanne boasts a sturdy construction that complements any outdoor space. Here’s what makes the Lausanne fence unique:

  • Ideal for Small Pet Control: Unlike the Milan and Bavaria fences, which have 76mm gaps between uprights, the Lausanne features narrower slats spaced only 45mm apart. This closer spacing is ideal for keeping smaller animals, like rabbits, from squeezing through the fence, providing peace of mind for your garden.
  • Freestanding and Portable: Like the Milan fence, the Lausanne is a freestanding and portable solution. You can position it anywhere in your garden without permanent installation.
  • Perfect Size: The Lausanne shares the same height (75cm) as the Milan fence, making it ideal for creating borders, enclosures, or decorative garden features.

In summary, the Lausanne picket fence is perfect for those seeking a stylish and practical pet control and garden design solution. Its closer spaced pickets and sturdy construction make it an excellent value for your garden.

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Approximate Dimensions:
149 cm (l) x 75 cm (h)
Upright Gaps: 45 mm
Timber Thickness: 19 – 22 mm
Weight: 12 – 15 kg

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