Portable Picket Fence ‘Lausanne’


A portable picket fence is ideal for temporarily restricting access to a swimming pool, for example. Our heavy and sturdy picket fence segments are free-standing, so there is no need to permanently cement them into place. This feature enables you to quickly set up a temporary security cordon; put them in place and remove the segments as required.

No nails, but rust-resistant screws are used to construct the sturdy, heavy and a free-standing picket fence sections. The timber is solid 19 – 22 mm thick pine, not reclaimed wood and not from pallets.

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Freestanding Picket Fence Section
Approximate Dimensions:
154 cm long and 75 cm high
Gaps: 44 mm
Timber Thickness: 19 – 22 mm
Weight: 12 – 15 kg


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