Portable Picket Fence ‘Bavaria’


Bavaria Picket Fence: More Support, Enhanced Stability, Lasting Style

Transform your garden with the Bavaria picket fence, a beautiful and robust fencing solution. While both the Bavaria and Milan fences share the same strong 19-22mm thick pine timber, the Bavaria offers a more substantial design with 12 uprights than Milan’s 10. It translates to greater stability and resilience for everyday use and a wiser investment for the future.

Here’s what sets the Bavaria picket fence apart:

  • More Structural Support: Bavaria’s 12 uprights provide enhanced stability due to its greater weight, making it the ideal choice for defining spaces, protecting plants and flowerbeds, and managing foot traffic in your garden.
  • Enhanced Durability: Built to last, Bavaria’s additional support elements ensure it will maintain its beautiful form for years while offering greater resilience against wear, pets, or playful activities.
  • Freestanding and Adaptable: Enjoy the flexibility of a portable design – both the Bavaria and Milan fences can easily be placed, moved, or rearranged around your garden.

Shared benefits of both the Bavaria and Milan fences:

  • Effortless Installation: No nails or permanent structures are required! Each fence boasts a straightforward design for quick and convenient setup.
  • Versatile Height: The perfect 75cm height makes them ideal for various garden applications, from edging to decorative accents.

Experience enhanced garden design with the Bavaria picket fence. Its superior stability and durability promise lasting value and beauty.

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Freestanding Picket Fence Section
Approximate Dimensions:
150 cm (l) x 75 cm (h)
Upright Gaps: 22 mm and 76 mm
Timber Thickness: 19 – 22 mm
Weight: 13 – 16 kg

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