Organic Power Growth Soil Mix


Volume: 15 dm
Weight: About 10 kg

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The ‘Organic Power Growth Soil Mix’ contains all and everything that is needed to grow veggies, herbs and flowers like the professionals do and perhaps even better.
The mix includes 72+ minerals and trace elements, vermiculite for moisture retention and a  3:1:5 slow release organic fertiliser.
There is no need to add anything else like bone meal, azomite, compost, worm tea, or whatever. This power mix has it all.
The ‘Organic Power Growth Soil Mix’ has been prepared for GardenStuff by Cape Town’s well known organic Hart Nursery.

Fill the container bottom half with this mix, then fill to the top with the ‘Organic Container Potting Soil’ (PTS).

NOTE: We do not sell the Power Growth Mix separately, only together with our planter boxes and to clients that have bought planters from us before.


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