Every planter of ours lists a recommendation for the soil quantities needed to fill the container correctly.

Volume: ± 30 dm
Weight: ± 23 kg

Not suitable for courier shipping.

Container gardening requires a different kind of soil than typically found in garden soil.

GardenStuff’s high-quality weed-free potting soil is ideal for container gardens, and it has been prepared for us by a specialised organic nursery.
The ‘Organic Container Potting Soil’ should be combined with our ‘Organic Power Growth Soil Mix’ on a 50:50 ratio.
Do not mix it with the ‘Power Growth Soil Mix’ for best results, but put it on top as a second layer, like mulch.

Please Note: Our soil mixes can only be purchased with a planter box, and the quantities are limited to match the soil capacity of the boxes as described on each product page. The soils are a complimentary service so that the gardener can plant immediately. We do not make a profit from the bags.