‘No Mess’ Chicken Feeder 8.5 litre


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This 1-port feeder is suitable for dry food like pellets and grain. Do not fill it with water, vegetables, food scraps, etc.

One feeding port gives access to up to 8.5 litres of dry food.
The feed level is visible due to the transparent plastic.

Avoid placing the container on a platform with a larger floor space than the feeder (as shown in the picture series). Apart from making it possibly challenging for the chickens to reach inside the feeding port, pigeons, squirrels, and rodents get a chance to reach the food. We recommend placing the container on bricks to a height fit for your chickens.

The bricks in the product image are for demonstration purposes; they are not part of the product, and we do not provide them.

Dimensions: 28 cm x 24 cm x 23 cm (h)
Volume: 8.5 litre


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Without this chicken feeder, it is almost guaranteed that pigeons in your area will have a feast at your cost. This chicken feeder will pay for itself!

    Chickens are messy feeders and flick aside unwanted food to get to their preferred morsels.
    The narrow feeding port prevents food from spilling, as only the chicken’s head fits inside.
    Once in, their eyesight is limited, and they must take whatever comes into reach. An added advantage is that your area remains clean and does not attract rodents and flocks of birds, which might be carriers of diseases, lice and mites.
    No more soggy feed that goes to waste, but don’t place a garden sprinkler nearby. The feeding ports prevent the intrusion of even heavy rain, but not necessarily from water sprayed sideways as sprinklers do.
    Those birds are too short of reaching the feeding ports, and their necks are not long enough to reach the content.
    Mice and rats will not reach the feeding ports, provided you don’t create a platform from where they can get to the feeding ports.
    The tunnel to the food at the bottom is too deep to reach.
    Faeces cannot contaminate the container’s contents.
    We haven’t yet witnessed a squirrel trying to raid the bin. Please let us know your experience.



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