‘Drive In’ Wheelchair Garden


A Table Top Garden is ideal for gardeners who must work from a seated position.

Raised beds are highly recommended for anyone gardening from a wheelchair. It allows for approaching the bed straight on without having to bend sideways — GardenStuff’s therapy garden provides wheelchair access to opposite sides of the planter.

Planting seeds and nurturing their growth is a healthy prescription for anyone, and especially for people with fewer options for getting out into the natural environment.

Gardening is possible and encouraged for people in wheelchairs. It can have many therapeutic effects, and it helps to relax while simultaneously providing exercise.

Gardening is therapy; it keeps mind and body active.
Gardening is a form of stress management. It improves wellbeing among users.
There is calmness about it, and above all, it’s fun.


90 cm x 90 cm x 1.015 cm (h)
78 cm from the ground to the bottom of the planter
Soil Volume: 182 litre


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