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Chicken Coops

Are you dreaming of fresh, organic eggs from your backyard? Turn your dream into a reality with our easy-to-assemble chicken coops. Raise happy, healthy chickens and enjoy the benefits of backyard homesteading. We offer a variety of chicken coops and henhouses in different sizes and styles to fit your needs and space – plus enjoy free shipping to South African metros!

  • Use Case: The 'Ikhaya' is ideal for housing up to two average-sized chickens. Consider the 'Villa' henhouse if you keep more than two free-ranging hens. Introducing the Ikhaya, your chickens' dream home! πŸ” This nifty and functional henhouse is the perfect place for your feathered friends to call their own. Made from durable, weather-resistant materials, the Ikhaya is apt to keep your chickens safe and comfortable, regardless of season. Here's what makes the Ikhaya coop so unique:
    • Spacious and airy: Accommodates up to two average-sized chickens comfortably, with good ventilation to keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
    • Easy to clean: Features a pull-out droppings tray for effortless cleaning and a removable nesting platform that you can remove in a second when not in use.
    • Secure and predator-proof: Elevated base and lockable chicken door with framed window for added security. Choose from three fun designs for the door to personalize your coop!
    • Easy to assemble: The Ikhaya comes flat-packed but can be assembled by one person in under 30 minutes, with no special tools or knowledge required.
    Give your chickens the gift of a happy and healthy home with the Ikhaya chicken coop! Order yours today and watch your chickens cluck with joy! P.S. Don't forget to browse our selection of chicken feeders, waterers, and other coop accessories to complete your chicken's dream home! Consider our portable, free-standing picket fences if you require a pop-up chicken pen to fence off a foraging area. Please scroll down for measurements, features and a demo video.
  • Hatch a Feathery Flock with the Kindergarten Brooder Are you looking to welcome a feathery brood of chicks into your world? The aptly named Kindergarten Brooder is your one-stop shop for nurturing your precious poultry from hatchlings to healthy hens (or roosters!). This secure, sheltered sanctuary provides the ideal environment for your chicks to thrive, ensuring they flourish from their first cheeps to their first flaps. Here's why the Kindergarten Brooder is the perfect pick for your feathered friends:
    • Panoramic paradise: Watch your chicks frolic and chirp through the expansive, crystal-clear window, offering a front-row seat to the miracle of life unfolding right before your eyes.
    • Breathe easy: Ample ventilated air circulation keeps your chicks healthy and comfortable, thanks to the multiple screened vents that promote fresh air flow while keeping out unwanted visitors.
    • Cleanliness is vital: A removable droppings tray makes cleaning up after your feathered friends a breeze, ensuring a hygienic environment for your chicks and yourself.
    The Kindergarten Brooder is more than just a brooder; it's an investment in the future of your flock. With its secure design, ample ventilation, and easy cleaning features, you can rest assured that your chicks have everything they need to thrive and grow into healthy, happy adults. So don't wait any longer; hatch a plan to bring home the Kindergarten Brooder today and witness the wonder of chicks blossoming into magnificent birds right before your eyes!
  • ‘The Villa’ Henhouse

    Use Case: The 'Villa' is ideal for sleeping up to six average-sized chickens roaming freely during the day. The 'Ikhaya' might be sufficient if you have only two chickens. If you have more than six free-roaming chickens, check out the 'Waldorf Eggstoria'. If your chickens need to be confined temporarily to a chicken run, look at the 'Nkandla XL'. Introducing the Villa Henhouse: Your Chickens' Dream Coop Are you looking for a luxurious and spacious home for your feathered friends? Look no further than the Villa Hen House, the six-seater chicken coop that will make your chickens the envy of any flock! Built with love for your chickens (and you!) The Villa Hen House is crafted from top-grade, sustainable SA pine, ensuring durability and environmental responsibility. Its tongue and groove construction provides superior strength and weather resistance, while the nail-free design makes assembly a breeze. Features fit for royalty (or, well, chickens)
    • Spacious interior: Comfortably accommodates up to six chickens, providing ample room to roam and roost.
    • Two nesting compartments: Keep your eggs clean and organised with these dedicated laying areas.
    • Nesting compartment access blocker: Provides privacy and reduces stress for your hens while laying.
    • Slide-shut chicken access door: Allows your chickens to come and go as they please.
    • Screened ventilation in the pitched roof: Ensures proper air circulation and keeps your coop fresh.
    • Two roosting perches: The perfect spot for your chickens to relax and sleep.
    • Hook-on chicken ramp ladder: Provides easy access to the coop for your feathered friends.
    • Hinged maintenance door: Makes cleaning the coop a breeze.
    • Slide-out droppings tray: Simplifies waste removal and keeps your coop hygienic.
    Easy assembly for the non-DIYer The Villa Henhouse arrives flat-packed, but don't worry, you don't need to be a handyman to put it together! One person can comfortably assemble it in just 30-45 minutes. We deliver and set up in Cape Town and its immediate surroundings at no cost. Give your chickens the coop they deserve! Order your Villa Henhouse today!
  • Chicken Coop ‘Nkandla XL’

    Use Case: The 'Nkandla XL' is ideal for sleeping up to six average-sized chickens that occasionally require the security of a chicken run. However, if the chickens cannot roam outside the chicken run, no more than three hens should occupy this coop. If you wish to move the coop around, the mobile 'Tractor' model is your choice. The 'Villa' might be better suited if an attached chicken run is not required. If you want a more spacious chicken run, the 'Kardashi-Hens' is ideal. If you have more than six chickens, consider the 'Cluckingham Palace'. Cluck Yeah! Why the Chicken Coop Nkandla XL Belongs in Your Backyard (Even if You're Not a Zuma) Are you looking to upgrade your coop situation from a cardboard box to a palace fit for feathered royalty? Then look no further than the aptly named Chicken Coop Nkandla XL! Now, before you think this coop is reserved for South African presidents with questionable architectural taste, fret not – the Nkandla XL offers luxury living for your clucking companions at a fraction of the state budget. That's right, unlike its namesake, the Nkandla XL is all about down-to-earth functionality (and maybe a little coop-fu). This coop boasts ample space for up to six hens to roam, strut their stuff, plot world domination, or at least scratch out a comfortable living. Imagine it: two built-in roosts for practising their crow-fu kicks, a luxurious nesting compartment for hatching their devious plans (or, you know, laying eggs), and a fully enclosed chicken run to keep them safe from predators – even those with two legs and a mischievous glint in their eye. But the Nkandla XL isn't just about luxury for your feathered friends (though, let's be honest, they deserve it). This coop is built with high-quality materials to withstand the elements, so you can rest easy knowing your girls are safe and sound, come rain or shine. Plus, the easy assembly means you won't need to hire a team of architects (or a former president's cronies) to set it up. So, whether you're a seasoned chicken whisperer or a coop newbie looking to give your backyard birds the royal treatment, the Chicken Coop Nkandla XL is the perfect palace for your flock. After all, who wouldn't want to live in a coop inspired by the most talked-about chicken residence in South Africa (minus the controversy, of course)? So ditch the cardboard castles and give your feathered friends the coop they deserve. With the Nkandla XL, your chickens will live a high life, minus the hefty price tag (and, hopefully, the questionable building practices). Now get out there and cluck yeah!
  • Use Case: The 'Tractor' model is ideal for no more than three chickens who need to live in the safety of the chicken run. The coop is on wheels, so one person can quickly move it to fresh grazing patches. The 'Nkandla XL' model is a more economical option if mobility is not required. Introducing the Mobile Chicken Coop Tractor: The All-in-One Solution for Happy Hens and Hassle-Free Chicken Keeping! Imagine this: a spacious, secure coop and easy to move around your garden. A coop that keeps your hens happy and healthy while making your life as a chicken owner a breeze. Well, dream no more! The Mobile Chicken Coop Tractor from Gardenstuff is here to make your chicken-keeping dreams a reality. Β Crafted with Quality in Mind:
    • Built to last: Made from top-grade, sustainable SA pine, this coop is strong and durable and easily weathers the elements.
    • Secure and escape-proof: Featuring galvanised bolts, stainless steel hinges, and rust-resistant screws, this mobile chicken coop provides a haven for your feathered friends.
    • Easy to clean: The slide-out dropping tray makes cleaning a breeze, while the hinged chicken run door allows easy access to refilling food and water.
    Designed for Comfort and Convenience:
    • Spacious living quarters: The coop provides ample space for your hens to roam and roost comfortably.
    • Fresh air and ventilation: The screened ventilation in the pitched roof ensures proper air circulation and keeps your hens cool in the summer.
    • Effortless egg collection: The built-in egg box with a hinged lid makes collecting eggs simple and enjoyable.
    • Easy access for you and your hens: The sliding access door is large enough for your chickens to enter the coop comfortably, while the hook-on chicken ramp ladder allows your hens to enter and exit their coop easily.
    Β The Mobile Advantage:
    • Move your coop around your garden quickly: The mobile design lets you position it in the sunniest spot or follow your flock as they graze on fresh grass.
    • Maintain a healthy, vibrant patch of land: By moving your coop regularly, you can prevent patches of your garden from becoming bare and unsightly. This allows your hens to enjoy fresh grass and helps to fertilise your soil naturally.
    Investing in the Mobile Chicken Coop Tractor is an investment in the well-being of your chickens and the ease of your chicken-keeping experience. Order yours today and start reaping the rewards of happy, healthy hens and a thriving backyard ecosystem!
  • Use Case: The 'Waldorf Eggstoria' is ideal for sleeping up to twelve average-sized chickens roaming freely during the day. If you only have a maximum of six chickens, the 'Villa' is a more economical option. If your chickens need to be temporarily confined to a chicken run, consider the `Cluckingham Palace'. Your Chickens Deserve a Luxury Stayβ€”the Waldorf Eggstoria Chicken House. Think of the Waldorf Eggstoria as the Ritz-Carlton for chickens. Your feathered friends will be strutting around like they own the backyard! Are you tired of flimsy chicken coops? Upgrade your feathered friends to the ultimate in henhouse luxury with the Waldorf Eggstoria! This spacious, elevated coop is like a five-star resort for your backyard flock. Features That'll Have Your Chickens Clucking:
    • Room for Roaming: Comfortably houses up to 12 happy hens – think penthouse suite for your poultry!
    • The Egg-cellent Life: Spacious nesting boxes for easy egg collection. Imagine a daily farm-fresh omelette!
    • Perch Paradise: Multiple roosting perches mean everyone gets a good night's rest.
    • Cleanup Crew Approved: Slide-out trays and multiple access points = easy-peasy coop maintenance.
    • Architectural Delight: This coop adds a touch of charm to your garden – your neighbours will be envious!
    Give your chickens the life they deserve. Order your Waldorf Eggstoria today and watch your flock flourish in style! Please scroll down for a detailed description and a demo video.
  • The ‘Kardashi-Hens’ Chicken Coop

    Use Case: The 'Kardashi-Hens' model is ideal for sleeping up to six average-sized chickens who require the safety of a more spacious chicken run for extended periods. The 'Nkandla XL' might be sufficient if you have about three chickens to keep secure. The 'Cluckingham Palace' is the coop to consider if you have more than six hens. The 'Kardashi-Hens' chicken coop is equivalent to a business-class upgrade from the 'Nkandla XL' model as far as "leg space" is concerned. The Kardashi is ideal for 5 to 6 chickens, requiring the safety of the enclosure for extended periods. Features: ● Approximate total expanse: 294 cm (l), 134 cm (w), chicken run 104 cm (h), henhouse 150 cm (h) ● Made of tongue and groove SA pine from sustainable forests, treated with a top marine-grade timber sealer ● No nails! Only galvanised bolts, stainless steel hinges and rust-resistant screws are used ● The henhouse is elevated for access security and to provide additional sun and rain protection underneath ● The egg box contains two nesting compartments (usually, three hens share one nest, but it can be up to seven). The hinged lid allows for easy egg collection ● A nesting compartment access blocker provides complete entry control to the egg box ● The slideable chicken door (aperture 30 cm x 20 cm) provides access control to the henhouse ● The chicken ladder is detachable ● Two roosting perches inside the henhouse, each comfortably sleeping three chickens side by side ● A thick plexiglass mullion window provides sufficient indoor lighting ● A lockable, hinged maintenance door allows for servicing the henhouse interior ● The slide-out droppings tray makes for quick henhouse cleaning ● A screened vent in the pitched roof prevents overheating ● The chicken run is made with weatherproofed CCA-treated pine and a strong and durable black plastic mesh, not short-lived chicken wire ● A hinged door allows for human access to the chicken run  
  • Chicken Coop ‘Cluckingham Palace’

    Use Case: The 'Cluckingham Palace' is ideal for sleeping up to twelve average-sized chickens that need to have the safety of a chicken run occasionally. If an attached chicken run is not required, the 'Waldorf Eggstoria'Β might interest you. Should you prefer a chicken run that you can walk into, consider 'The Eggsquisite.' The 'Kardashi-Hens' might be sufficient if you have six or fewer hens. The 'Cluckingham Palace' is the right choice if you have more than six chickens that need to be confined temporarily and safely in the fully enclosed chicken run. If a chicken run is unnecessary, the 'Waldorf Eggstoria' model might be a better and more economical selection. The large henhouse comfortably sleeps up to twelve average chickens on four elevated roosts. Some hens prefer to sleep in the egg box instead, and a nesting box access blocker can prevent this if you wish. While the chickens roost, their poop will land in two droppings trays below. It is such an easy job to keep the hen house clean. Pull out the trays and scrape the droppings off with a spatula in the eggbox. The poop is a superb addition to the compost. The egg box contains four nesting compartments. Up to seven hens share one nest, but the average is three birds to one nest. There is no congestion as they lay their eggs at different times during the day. Egg collection is a breeze. Just lift the lid, hook it to the roof, and have both hands free. Drop in the nesting box access blocker to keep the chickens away from the nests while you are busy. You can reach every spot in the henhouse without effort. A hinged maintenance door is on both sides above the droppings trays, and the robust barrel locks can be padlocked if wanted. The 'Cluckingham Palace' has been designed not to overheat in full sun. Cool air draws into the henhouse from underneath, rises as it warms, and exits through hidden ventilation slots in the roof. The henhouse rests on a sturdy base that has been CCA pressure-treated. This treatment allows it to survive for years without much deterioration, even if placed in mud. We construct the chicken run with the same material, requiring no maintenance. All our chicken coops are on those elevated bases for several reasons. It provides a shady spot underneath, offers rain protection to the girls, and prevents undesired visitors from entering the henhouse. To fortify the palace at night, you could close the chicken access door and even unhook the ladder. The 'Cluckingham Palace' is suitable for sleeping up to twelve chickens, but that does not mean so many birds should remain inside the chicken run permanently. The run is supposed to be a temporary holding pen only. However, we can enlarge the run to any size you deem fit. If you look closely at the pictured chicken run, you might notice that it consists of three sections. We can add any segments to arrive at a size you like. The standard chicken run has two access doors for maintenance purposes. An optional chicken coop addition is a small sliding door through which chickens can leave and return. No larger animal can get through, so the chicken run becomes a safe sanctuary for your hens if they need to escape from something. You, of course, can open and close the door as you please. This free-ranging door is handy for letting the flock out in the morning and locking them up for the night. You will notice that we avoid the customary chicken wire for many reasons. Instead, we use a robust, maintenance-free plastic mesh, which is costly but looks better and lasts a lifetime without changing appearance. Please scroll down for the features, measurements, and demo video.
  • The ‘Eggsquisite’ Walk-In Chicken Coop

    Use Case: 'The Eggsquisite' is ideal for the concerned chicken keeper who houses up to twelve average-sized hens within a big chicken run that is accessible to the owner. If the 'walk-in' capability is not a must, and also not the extra space with the 'bells and whistle' options, the 'Cluckingham Palace' is a coop to consider instead. If additional features are required, don't hesitate to contact Uli at GardenStuff to discuss (071 - 245 1658 or Upgrade your backyard flock's lifestyle with The Eggsquisite Walk-In Chicken Coop, a feature-rich haven designed for both chicken comfort and your convenience. Spacious and Secure:
    • The walk-in design allows for easy cleaning and interaction with your chickens.
    • A lockable chicken access door keeps your feathered friends safe and secure.
    • The elevated feeding platform protects the food bowls from dirt contamination from the ground.
    • Hidden ventilation channels promote airflow and prevent overheating, ensuring your chickens stay cool and healthy.
    Functional and Comfortable:
    • The large nesting box with four compartments comfortably accommodates multiple hens.
    • Four roosts of varying heights and diameters cater to chickens' natural preferences.
    • The detachable chicken run allows easy cleaning and controlled outdoor access.
    • Two thick Perspex windows provide natural light and maintain security.
    Additional Features:
    • A 5-litre waterer conveniently hooks up under the elevated feeding platform to prevent faecal contamination.
    • The 21-litre "No Mess" feeder with four feeding ports minimizes waste and keeps feed clean.
    • Cabbage netting and a chicken swing help prevent boredom and encourage natural behaviours.
    The Eggsquisite Walk-In Chicken Coop is the perfect solution for backyard chicken enthusiasts who want to provide their flock with a comfortable, secure, and healthy environment. It's also easy to clean and maintain, making it a breeze to care for your chickens. Please scroll down for technical details, descriptions and a demo video.


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