Wellpoint Pump Protection ‘The Pumphouse’


‘The Pumphouse’ protects any standard-sized well-point pump in all weather conditions.
The installation is quick and uncomplicated:
Lift the pump off the ground, push the housing underneath and put back the roof. The attached pipes and hoses to the pump do not need to be disconnected.

One can lift off the roof for quick access to the borehole pump.
Hidden ventilation channels provide proper heat dissemination to prevent overheating.
A marine-grade wood sealer guarantees the housing to last.


Approximate Dimensions:
Overall: 81 cm (l), 59 cm (w), 63.5 cm (h)
Housing: 63 cm (l), 42 cm (w), 33,5 cm (h) without roof
Roof: 81 cm (l), 59 cm (w), 30 cm (h)


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