Lettuce Rack


Approximate Dimensions:
85 cm x 30 cm x 85 cm (h)
Soil Volume: 87 litre/dm

Soil Recommendation: (FREE if you order this planter online and collect it from the factory)
2 x Organic Power Growth Soil Mix 20 dm (PWR)
2 x Organic Container Potting Soil 30 dm (PTS)

Free shipping to SA metros, assembled.


Attention, salad lovers! Skip the supermarket and grow fresh lettuce yourself; no green fingers are needed.
Lettuce, like spinach, is one of the easiest and best vegetables to cultivate in containers. Homegrown lettuce is superior to anything you’d find in a supermarket. You can have fresh salads all year and save much money doing it yourself rather than paying retail prices at the store.

Remove the outside leaves when you need them in salads and keep the centre leaves growing. It’s called “cut and grow again” for repeat harvests—no need to replant all the time.

Water the plants with greywater at least twice a week. The soil shouldn’t dry out completely.

Lettuce growth benefits from having most vegetables near it. Chives and garlic, in particular, are excellent neighbours because they naturally repel aphids, a common problem for lettuce. Similarly, marigolds, one of the big powerhouses of pest repellers, can be planted near lettuce to help keep the bugs away.

Morning is the best time for harvest as the lettuce will be fresher. The leaves are plumped up overnight and are at their most succulent. Avoid harvesting in the blazing sun and heat of the afternoon. Evening harvesting works if you water first and wait 15 minutes.


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