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Use Case:
The ‘Kardashi-Hens’ model is ideal for sleeping up to six average-sized chickens requiring the safety of a more spacious chicken run for extended periods.

The ‘Nkandla XL‘ might be sufficient if you have no more than three chickens to keep secure.
The ‘Cluckingham Palace‘ is the coop to consider if you have more than six hens.

Technical Details:
Please scroll down for measurements, features and an intro video

We courier this coop flat-packed to SA metros at no charge.
The re-assembly is straightforward and done by one person in ± 65 minutes.
No extra tools and no DIY expertise is required.

We deliver and set up in Cape Town and its immediate surroundings at no cost.

The ‘Kardashi-Hens’ chicken coop is equivalent to a business class upgrade from the ‘Nkandla XL’ model as far as “leg-space” is concerned. The Kardashi is ideal for 5 to 6 chickens requiring the safety of the enclosure for extended periods.

The hen-house is like the ‘Nkandla XL’, but the chicken run is double its size.

Additional Information:
Are you a prospective owner? New to raising chickens? Here is a clickable link to our free guide for the care of pet chickens that covers all the basics: Keeping Chicken 101

Need to chat? Call Uli 071 – 245 1658


Free flat-pack shipping to SA metros with easy re-assembly.
Free delivery in Cape Town, assembled.


● Approximate total expanse: 294 cm (l), 134 cm (w), chicken run 104 cm (h), hen-house 150 cm (h)
● Made of tongue and groove SA pine from sustainable forests, treated with a marine-grade timber sealer
● No nails! Only galvanised bolts, stainless steel hinges and rust-resistant screws are used
● The hen-house is elevated for access security and to provide additional sun and rain protection underneath
● The egg box contains two nesting compartments (usually, three hens share one nest, but it can be up to seven). The hinged lid allows for easy egg collection
● A nesting compartment access blocker provides complete entry control to the egg box
● The slideable chicken door (aperture 30 cm x 20 cm) provides access control to the hen-house
● The chicken ladder is detachable
● Two roosting perches inside the hen-house, each comfortably sleeping three chickens side by side
● A plexiglass mullion window provides sufficient indoor lighting
● A lockable, hinged maintenance door allows for servicing the hen-house interior
● The slide-out droppings tray makes for quick hen-house cleaning
● A screened vent in the pitched roof prevents overheating
● The chicken run is made with weatherproofed CCA-treated pine and a strong and durable black plastic mesh, not short-lived chicken wire
● A hinged door allows for human access to the chicken run


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3 reviews for The ‘Kardashi-Hens’ Chicken Coop

  1. Alex and Tayla

    Absoluely love our Kardashi-Hens’ Chicken Coop! Easily shipped up to Johannesburg for us. Easy to put together with step-by-step instructions included! The coop is beautifully put together with fantastic finishings which has made it a beautiful addition to our garden! The chickens, of course, love it too!

    • Uli

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us such a fantastic review; you have made our day. It is motivating for all of us to receive recognition for our love to the detail 🙂

  2. Lucy & Heinz (verified owner)

    We are now proud owners of the Kardashi-Hen House! What amazing service and what a beautiful chicken coop – or should I say palace! So beautifully made with painstaking attention to detail – true craftsmanship. Swift delivery and exceptional personal service and input from Uli and Jenya. Exceptional! Chickens are overjoyed and so are we.

    • Uli

      Dear Lucy and Heinz, Jenya and I were bearing a grin for quite some time after reading your marvellous review, not only about your chicken coop, or palace as you dubbed it but also about your happiness for the service received. We thank you both for supporting us and publicly expressing your satisfaction with dealing with us.

  3. Stella Romanis (verified owner)

    After a dismally failed attempt at building my own Chicken Coop and a bunch of 5 teenage girls who refused to use it; I decided to spoil them to a custom built home.

    I started my lengthy search on the Internet and stumbled across Garden Stuff and instantly decided that my new Coop will be one of their beautiful Coops and ordered the Kardashi-Hens.

    I was so impressed with their professionalism in answering all my questions and speedy delivery. Within 10 days I had my Coop set up and ready for use.

    Being a keen gardener I love the fact that the Coop is so beautifully crafted that it is a feature in my garden, but most of all I love the fact that my girls love it.

    Thank You Uli and Jenya.

    • Uli

      Dear Stella, we had such a good chuckle reading your introductory lines about building your coop and your girls refusing to move in. It took me back about eight years ago as I experienced a similar downright rejection from our flock.

      Since my search for a ready build quality chicken homestead drew a blank, I had no choice but to try again and improve and perfect our chicken coop building skills over many years until we got it right.

      I love your recognition that our chicken coop is a feature in your gorgeous garden and not something that needs to be hidden out of sight. And I am delighted to make out that your bunch of teenage girls are happy with your choice and have forgiven you.

      Thank you, Stella, for your fantastic review.

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