Flower Box Corner


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Vertical Gardening with Flower Boxes

Do you still think that you have no space available to plant herbs, veggies or flowers?
Our rustic wooden planters can be stacked together quickly and securely, to create a planter arrangement of your imagination.

Perhaps you have some corner that could be beautified, or put to good use?
Our ‘Mix & Match’ planters make it easy to build into a corner, or around a corner.

Imagine what those pictured vertical gardens could look like, once each box has grown a little oasis of flowers, or herbs, or perhaps into a beautiful display of cacti and indigenous succulents?

We construct using untreated pine wood from sustainable forests in the Cape. We do not use low-grade wood, light-weight, or reclaimed timber and guaranteed no pallets. Pallets have to undergo treatment to conform to international shipping laws. Some of those treatments can be dangerous to human health.

Also, we don’t cut corners by nailing or stapling the boxes together; we only use rust-resistant screws.
Nails do rust, and corrosion causes wood to rot. Furthermore, nails, as opposed to screws, make maintenance at a later stage challenging.


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Approximate Dimensions:
29 cm x 28 cm x 31 cm (h) x 55,5 cm (leg)
Soil Volume: 13 litre/dm

Please Note:
The corner unit cannot stand on its own. It needs two Flower Boxes for support.
The boxes to the left and right are pictured for demonstration purposes only.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 56 × 28 × 29 cm


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