Composter Frames


Composter price explanation:
The image shows this composter to be eight levels high. Each level consists of four inter-lockable slats and costs R99.00

You decide how many levels you require. It can be as many or as few levels as you fancy.
2 Levels: 23 cm high – R198.00
3 Levels: 34 cm high – R297.00
4 Levels: 45 cm high – R396.00
5 Levels: 56 cm high – R495.00
6 Levels: 67 cm high – R594.00
7 Levels: 79 cm high – R693.00
8 Levels: 90 cm high – R792.00

Here is how it works:
Frames are added as one gradually fills the composter with organic material. The content will make the composter stable.
Without content, the slats have little stability, and the structure will be a wobbly affair.

Should you wish to add this composter to your shopping cart, please enter the number of levels that you require next to the ‘Add To Basket’ button below.
For example, if you enter the number 5, you will receive 20 slats to build one composter up to a height of 56 cm.


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Dimensions of the pictured composter:
100 cm x 100 cm x 90 cm (h)


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