Flower Tower


This planter is well suited for growing climbing flowers, alternatively runner beans in the winter, and tomatoes, squash or cucumbers in the summer.
The container has extra soil volume for deep-rooted plants.

Approximate Measurements:
Container: 44 cm x 44 cm x 35 cm (h)
Overall: 44 cm x 44 cm x 169 cm (h)
Planting Depth: ± 29 cm
Soil Volume: 46 litre/dm

Soil Recommendation: (FREE if you order this planter online and collect it from the factory)
1 x Organic Power Growth Soil Mix 20 dm (PWR)
1 x Organic Container Potting Soil 30 dm (PTS)

Free shipping to SA metros, container and trellis ship assembled.


Suitable Flowering Trellis Plants:

• Clematis
• Honeysuckle
• Star Jasmine
• Wisteria
• Rose
• Sweet Pea
• Bougainvillea
• Trumper Vine
• Black-eyed Susan Vine

and about 15 more

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