Mobile Chicken Coop ‘Tractor’


Residents: 2 – 6 average-sized chickens
Free-Ranging: Controlled by the owner
Availability: Out of stock. Production lead time is five business days.

Upsize Model: ‘Kardashi-Hens’
Downsize Model: ‘Nkandla XL’

Free Delivery:
Yes, Cape Town and its immediate surroundings.
No assembly is required.

Free Shipping:
Yes, flat-packed to SA metros.
Simple re-assembly in 45 – 60 minutes by one person.
No extra tools and no DIY expertise is required.

Transit Lead Time:
Cape Town: Same or next business day delivery.
SA metros: Average of three business days.
SA rural: Three to five business days.

Payment Methods:
EFT, Visa and Mastercard.

This mobile coop is precisely like the ‘Nkandla XL’; the only difference is the added wheels to enable one person to effortless push this coop to a different location. If your chickens can roam freely around in the garden, there is no need to have the ‘Tractor’. If, however, your chickens are permanently meant to live within the confined space, this is the coop to own. Chickens like to scratch around and pick off what they can. Moving the pen around prevents damage to the ground and gives the chickens a fresh patch to graze and fertilise.

Although up to six normal-sized chickens can sleep comfortably in the hen-house, having that many permanently confined in the ‘Tractor’ is not recommended. The chicken-run does not offer enough space. The ‘Tractor’ is ideal for two, perhaps three hens.

Are you a prospective owner? New to raising chickens? Here is a clickable link to our free guide for the care of pet chickens that covers all the basics: Keeping Chicken 101

Need to chat? Call Uli 071 – 245 1658



● Approximate total expanse: 298 cm (l), 75 cm (w), hen-house 150 cm (h), chicken run 104 cm (h)
● Made of top-grade SA pine from sustainable forests.
● Tongue and groove construction.
● No nails! Only galvanised bolts, stainless steel hinges and rust-resistant screws.
● Egg box with hinged lid and two nesting compartments.
● Easy to clean slide-out droppings tray.
● Screened ventilation in the pitched roof.
● Hook-on chicken ramp ladder.
● Two roosting poles.
● Hinged maintenance door to clean or refill food/water.
● The access door slides shut (aperture 30 cm x 20 cm).
● Easy to move around by one person.


Roof Panels for additional Rain/Sun Protection

Standard Roof

Roof with three Panels

They are bolted on top of the existing roof but are easily removable.
The panels are treated to withstand the elements.
Take one panel or two, or cover the entire length of the chicken run.

Product Code: NKD-RP
Price: R249.00 (per panel)
Dimensions: 75 cm x 63 cm x 6 mm

Chicken-Run Sliding Door

Product Code: CRD
Price: R397.00


Grazing Box

Chickens need to have some greens in addition to their dry food.
Those can grow in this raised bed. The planter is covered with galvanised welded mesh to prevent the chickens from scratching and destroying the plants.
They can pick off whatever is in reach.

Product Code: FPL
Price: R947.00
Dimensions: 115 cm x 115 cm x 23 cm

Additional information

Weight 101 kg


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