Chicken Coop ‘Ikhaya’


The ‘Ikhaya’ is ideal for up to three standard sized chickens.

– Solid wood throughout, treated with the best marine grade wood sealer available.
– Barrel locked access door.
– Roosting perch.
– Nesting compartment.
– Slide-out cleaning tray.
– Detachable chicken ladder.
– Plexiglass window.
– Sloped lift-off roof.
– Elevated roost.
– Removable, easy to clean nesting compartment.

Are you a prospective chicken owner? New to keeping chicken? This free, handy how-to guide for the care of pet chickens covers all the basics: Keeping Chicken 101
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67 cm wide, 74 cm deep, 106 cm high
Weight: 25 kg

Suitable for outdoor use.

The ‘Ikhaya’ is ideal for up to three standard sized chickens.

Please note that chicken coops are not hermetically sealed. A proper hen-house needs openings for access, ventilation and maintenance. We have done our utmost to prevent rainwater from getting inside the coop. However, one can expect some reasonable water ingress, especially if the door is left open during heavy rain.

Should you require a chicken-run, have a look at our Picket Fences in the category ‘Gardening Accessories’.


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