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Scam alert issued by GardenStuff!
Someone in South Africa is defrauding many by using a professional-looking but fake chicken coop website. The fraudsters website is an exact copy from a legitimate merchant in Australia.

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The ‘Nkandla XL’ is one of our most popular chicken coops among the urban backyard chicken keepers. The hen-house comfortably sleeps up to six regular-sized chickens. The city bylaws allow us to keep five hens without needing a permit (Cape Town five hens, Johannesburg ten hens), so the ‘Nkandla XL’ size is just perfect.

The fully enclosed chicken-run is meant to be a safe temporary holding pen only, not a permanent enclosure for many chickens. In that case, the ‘Kardashi-Hens’ coop would be a better choice as the chicken-run offers double the roaming space.

We don’t use galvanised chicken wire for any of our coops, only a much better looking and robust black plastic mesh. Whatever people say, the chicken mesh will rust and disintegrate, not only becoming an eyesore but an injury risk to children and chickens alike. Our plastic mesh will look new for years to come, without needing any maintenance, neither will the super-strong framework, which is CCA pressure treated.

We construct this chicken coop with weathering protected, solid pine. We don’t use cheap Chinese imports of low-grade or lightweight wood. Nothing is cheaply nailed together. We only use rust-resistant screws, galvanised bolts and stainless steel hinges – all expensive.

This raised coop has a large, dual nesting box and two built-in roosting perches. Each perch can sleep up to three normal-sized chickens side by side. The hinged egg box lid allows for easy egg collection and quick cleaning. A barrier can block off the nesting compartment to the hens.

The ‘Nkandla XL’ also comes with a pull-out droppings tray and a hinged maintenance door for cleaning and access. The door above the chicken ladder is lockable to keep the chicken in or out. A passive ventilation system prevents over-heating of the hen-house in full sun. The underside of the henhouse provides additional sun and rain protection.

Are you a prospective owner? New to raising chickens? Here is a clickable link to our free guide for the care of pet chickens that covers all the basics: Keeping Chicken 101

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For a limited time, free shipping to South African metros!

Do you prefer to have the egg box or service door on the opposite side? No problem. This coop is available as a mirror version too.

● Approximate total expanse: 294 cm (l), 75 cm (w), hen-house 150 cm (h), chicken run 104 cm (h)
● Made of top-grade SA pine from sustainable forests
● Tongue and groove construction
● No nails! Only galvanised bolts, stainless steel hinges and rust-resistant screws.
● Large egg box with hinged lid and two nesting compartments
● Nesting compartment access blocker
● The chicken access door slides shut (aperture 30 cm x 20 cm)
● Screened air-flow vent in the pitched roof
● Chicken ramp ladder on hooks
● Two roosting poles
● Hinged maintenance door
● The slide-out droppings tray is easy to clean
● Hinged access door to the chicken run
● Two people are able to move the coop around, but we also offer a mobile ‘tractor’ chicken coop.




Roof Panels for additional Rain/Sun Protection

Standard Roof

Roof with three Panels

They are bolted on top of the existing roof.
The panels are sealed to withstand the elements.
Take one panel, or two, or cover the full length of the chicken run.

Product Code: NKD-RP
Price: R249.00 (per panel)
Dimensions: 75 cm x 63 cm x 6 mm


Chicken Run Tunnel System

GardenStuff designed a tunnel system to allow chicken controlled access to areas outside the
coop’s chicken run. An added benefit of the tunnel is the protection it offers against birds of prey.
The whole system consists of no more than four different modules (pictured below), that is
easily and quickly arranged to form a layout of the keeper’s choice.
The segments are made using durable plastic mesh and long-lasting, CCA treated pine batons.
If not in use, the flexible tunnel segments can be stacked away without taking up much space.

Components to create an adjustable tunnel system


Door Insert

The Door Panel has an opening at the bottom for the
chickens to enter and exit the tunnel system.
The panel clips into the door frame.
Product Code: CH-P
Price: R197,00
Dimensions: 88.5 cm x 56 cm


Tunnel Segment


The Tunnel Segment is 100 cm long and offers enough space for two chickens to pass each other.
Product Code: CH-TU
Price: R145,00
Dimensions: 100 cm x 35 cm x 32 cm (h)



Corner Segment

The L-shaped Corner Unit changes the tunnel direction
by 90 degrees.
Product Code: CH-CN
Price: R297,00
Dimensions: 64 cm x 39 cm x 32 cm (h)



The T-Junction allows bringing three tunnel segments
together. It is just like a T-Junction on our streets.
Product Code: CH-TJ
Price: R248,00
Dimensions: 64 cm x 39 cm x 32 cm (h)


Roof Planters

Roof Planters

These planters have been designed to fit perfectly on top of the chicken-run roof structure.
Use one, two or three planters next to each other to grow greens for your chicken,
or yourself. A bonus is that it protects the chicken below from sun and rain.

Product Code: NKD-PL
Price: R699.00
Dimensions: 71 cm x 62 cm x 27 cm


Grazing Box

Chickens need to have some greens in addition to their dry food.
Those can be grown in this raised bed. The planter is covered with galvanised welded mesh to prevent the chicken from scratching out and destroying the plants. They are able to pick off whatever they can reach.
Product Code: FPL
Price: R947.00
Dimensions: 115 cm x 115 cm x 23 cm


Chicken-Run Sliding Door

Product Code: CRD
Price: R397.00

Additional information

Weight 98 kg

4 reviews for Chicken Coop ‘Nkandla XL’

  1. Christine Basson (verified owner)

    Awesome coop, still need chickens though! Good service and help from Uli. Thank you.

  2. Jeanette Butler

    Love mine, got it delivered all the way to JHB, myself and my chickens are thrilled and very happy 🙂 Awesome service too, made beautifully :))

  3. Myrna Cameron-Harris

    Amazing coop and fantastic service!

  4. Bennie

    Beautiful, easy to assemble. Excellent service.

    • Uli

      We are delighted with your review, Bennie. It was such a pleasure being of service to you. Thank you very much indeed.

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