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Use Case:
The ‘Nkandla XL’ is ideal for sleeping up to six average-sized chickens that occasionally require the security of a small chicken run.

If you wish to move the coop, the mobile ‘Tractor‘ model is your choice.
If an attached chicken run is not required, the ‘Villa‘ might be better suited.
If you want a more spacious chicken run, the ‘Kardashi-Hens‘ is ideal.
If you have more than six chickens, consider the ‘Cluckingham Palace‘.

Technical Details:
Please scroll down for measurements, features and an intro video.

We courier this coop flat-packed to SA metros at no charge.
The re-assembly is straightforward and done by one person in 45 to 60 minutes.
No extra tools and no DIY expertise is required.

We deliver and set up in Cape Town and its immediate surroundings at no cost.


Hen House:
There are two roosts of slightly different thicknesses. Some hens believe that thicker is better; others disagree. There is enough space for three average-sized chickens to sleep comfortably on each perch.

Their nightly droppings end up in the cleaning tray below, which you can pull out and empty. It is gold for your compost heap if you have one. Keeping the coop clean is a breeze.

Egg Box:
A more rewarding task is retrieving their other gold, the eggs. On average, three hens share one nest, but it can even be seven birds. Of course, the ladies don’t squeeze in there simultaneously; they lay their eggs at different times of the day.
Again, the sizes of the two nesting compartments differ as some hens prefer space, and others want it tight, so here they have options too.

If you want to deny the hens access to the eggbox, you can do so with a blocker panel. Reasons could be that you want to prevent hens from becoming broody or don’t like them to sleep in the egg box. Another handy tool is a poop scraper, which helps clean the droppings tray and the nests.

Chicken Access Door:
The chickens enter the hen-house over a detachable ladder and a lockable sliding door. With the Nkandla, there is no need for you to open and close this door mornings and evenings unless you want to. Chickens do their own thing anyway and enter and leave when it’s time.

Chicken Run:
The chicken run should be a temporary holding pen only; it is not a permanent enclosure for so many chickens. If you need to keep them inside for more extended periods, you might want to have a look at the Kardashi-Hens chicken coop. The hen-house is like the Nkandla’s, but the chicken run is double the size.

We assemble our chicken runs with modular components. Here we have three modules. If you have a different chicken run size in mind than our standard, we can add as many modules as you want.

On the other hand, if you don’t need a chicken run, the Villa model is probably a better and cheaper option.

Construction Materials:
A top-quality chicken coop cannot be built for cheap, especially if it has to be of good service for many years. We don’t cut corners by using inferior or inexpensive materials. It has to be the best materials available to us in South Africa. The same applies to construction methods. For example, we use a modern joinery technique from the US that is barely known here.

For the Chicken Run:
We don’t use the standard chicken wire for any of our chicken runs as it rusts, turns brittle and unsightly and becomes a danger for chickens and children. Instead, we use a much better-looking, robust plastic mesh that will not change its appearance in our lifetime.
The hinges are stainless steel, the bolts galvanised, and the screws zink coated and rust-resistant.
The material for the framework of the chicken run and the base of the hen-house is CCA pressure-treated pine, and it can stand even in mud for years without deteriorating much.

For the Hen-House:
The hen-house is made with solid pine, not with particleboard or plywood. We treat the pine with the top marine-grade timber sealer available on the market, the same stuff used for oceangoing wooden yachts. The manufacturer recommends three coats; we apply four. A few optional extras are available for this chicken coop that you might find practical, and you will find them on this page.

Additional Information:
Are you a prospective owner? New to raising chickens? Here is a clickable link to our free guide for the care of pet chickens that covers all the basics: Keeping Chicken 101

Need to chat? Call Uli 071 – 245 1658


Free flat-pack shipping to SA metros with easy re-assembly.
Free delivery in Cape Town, assembled.

Do you prefer the egg box or service door on the opposite side? No problem. This coop is available as a mirror version too.

● Approximate total expanse: 294 cm (l), 75 cm (w), hen-house 150 cm (h), chicken run 104 cm (h)
● Made of top-grade SA pine from sustainable forests
● Tongue and groove construction
● No nails! Only galvanised bolts, stainless steel hinges and rust-resistant screws.
● Large egg box with hinged lid and two nesting compartments
● Nesting compartment access blocker
● The chicken access door slides shut (aperture 30 cm x 20 cm)
● Screened air-flow vent in the pitched roof
● Chicken ramp ladder on hooks
● Two roosting poles
● Hinged maintenance door
● The slide-out droppings tray is easy to clean
● Hinged access door to the chicken run

GardenStuff’s chicken coop designer explains the ‘Nkandla XL’ in detail:



Additional information

Weight 98 kg

5 reviews for Chicken Coop ‘Nkandla XL’

  1. Christine Basson (verified owner)

    Awesome coop, still need chickens though! Good service and help from Uli. Thank you.

  2. Jeanette Butler

    Love mine, got it delivered all the way to JHB, myself and my chickens are thrilled and very happy 🙂 Awesome service too, made beautifully :))

  3. Myrna Cameron-Harris

    Amazing coop and fantastic service!

  4. Bennie

    Beautiful, easy to assemble. Excellent service.

    • Uli

      We are delighted with your review, Bennie. It was such a pleasure being of service to you. Thank you very much indeed.

  5. Carol Cloete (verified owner)

    Ordered the Nkandla for my hens. What a pleasure to deal with this company. 5 star service from start to finish, and the product quality is excellent. Would definitely recommend. It was couriered all the way to the Eastern Cape, with absolutely no problem.

    • Uli

      Thank you so much for your refreshing review, Mrs Cloete. Your kind words about quality and service level put a smile on our faces at GardenStuff. Hopefully, your hens will be equally happy in their new home and reward your caring with never ending eggs.

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