Henhouse ‘Ikhaya’


Use Case:
The ‘Ikhaya’ is ideal for housing up to two average-sized chickens.

Consider the ‘Villa‘ if you keep more than two free-roaming hens.

Of all of our chicken coops, the ‘Ikhaya’ is the most economical henhouse, provided you keep no more than two free-roaming chickens.

You can access the interior by lifting off the roof.

Inside the henhouse is an elevated roosting perch for two chickens to sleep comfortably.
The nesting platform is removable and can be clipped to a sidewall to be out of the way if not required. This feature makes cleaning a breeze.
The nightly poop falls onto a droppings tray you can pull out. Keeping the house clean could not be simpler.

The hinged chicken door is lockable, and the chicken ladder is hooked so you can remove it. The henhouse sits on an elevated base to make security complete.

The coop is designed to stand in full sun without overheating. Cool air draws in through the ventilation slits in the floor, and heated air escapes through the ventilation channel underneath the roof.

Consider our portable, free-standing picket fences if you require a pop-up chicken pen to provide a roaming area.

Please scroll down for measurements, features and a demo video.


Approximate Dimensions:
74 cm (l), 67 cm (w), 106 cm (h)
Weight: ± 25 kg

– The material is solid pine throughout, treated with a top marine-grade wood sealer, galvanised bolts and rust-resistant screws, hence suitable for outdoor use.
– A ventilation channel under the lift-off roof prevents overheating.
– The hinged entrance door has a barrel lock for added security.
– The elevated roosting perch is removable.
– The nesting platform unhooks and, therefore, is easy to clean.
– The droppings tray slides out for cleaning.
– One can unhook the chicken ladder.
– The framed window is secure with extra thick plexiglass.
– The roof is slightly pitched and can be lifted off to gain access.
– The chicken door aperture is 30 cm x 19.5 cm, big enough for average-sized chickens.
– You can choose one of three design themes for the chicken door (plain, SA flag or a chick ornament).

We courier this henhouse flat-packed to SA metros at no charge.
The reassembly is straightforward and done by one person in ±30 minutes.
No extra tools and no DIY expertise is required.

We deliver the assembled henhouse at no cost in Cape Town and its immediate surroundings.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 67 × 74 × 106 cm
Article No.



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