Chicken Coop ‘Ikhaya’


Scam alert issued by GardenStuff!
Someone in South Africa is defrauding many by using a professional-looking but fake chicken coop website. The fraudsters website is an exact copy from a legitimate merchant in Australia.

Residents: 1 – 2 average-sized chicken
Free-Ranging: Yes
Availability: Out of stock (construction lead time is five business days)

Upsize Model: ‘Villa’
Downsize Model: None available

Free Delivery:
Yes, Cape Town and its immediate surroundings.
No assembly is required.

Free Shipping:
Yes, flat-packed to SA metros.
Simple re-assembly in ±30 minutes by one person.
No extra tools and no DIY expertise is required.

Transit Lead Time:
Cape Town: Same or next business day delivery.
SA metros: Average of three business days.
SA rural: Three to five business days.

Payment Methods:
EFT, Visa and Mastercard.

The ‘Ikhaya’ is ideal if you have only two chickens that can roam freely during the day.

Inside the hen-house is an elevated roosting pole where two chickens can sleep comfortably side by side.

The egg nest is on a platform that slots in place and can be stored away inside the coop if not wanted. This feature makes cleaning super easy. One egg nest is enough for three chickens as they lay their eggs at different times. Up to seven hens share one nest.

Human access to the inside is easy too by just lifting off the roof.

The coop is designed to stand in full sun without overheating. Fresh air draws in through the gaps in the bottom, and hot air escapes through the ventilation channel underneath the roof. All droppings in the hen-house fall onto a sliding tray. Once again, problem-free quick cleaning.

The coop rests on an elevated base so no vermin can get inside. The solid chicken door is on hinges and has a barrel lock for added security.

The removable chicken ladder is on hooks below the door.

– Solid pine throughout, treated with the best marine-grade wood sealer available.
– Ventilation channel under the lift-off roof.
– Door with barrel lock.
– Elevated roosting pole.
– Slot-in, easy clean nesting compartment.
– Slide-out cleaning tray.
– Detachable ramp ladder.
– Perspex window.
– Pitched lift-off roof.
– Chicken door aperture: 30 cm x 19.5 cm
– Three chicken door themes of your choice.

Are you a prospective chicken owner? New to keeping chicken? Here is a clickable link to our free guide for the care of pet chickens that covers all the basics: Keeping Chicken 101
Need to chat? Call Uli 071 – 245 1658


Approximate Dimensions:
74 cm (l), 67 cm (w), 106 cm (h)
Weight: ± 25 kg

Suitable for outdoor use.

The ‘Ikhaya’ is ideal to sleep up to two standard-sized chickens.

Should you require a chicken-run, look at our temporary picket fences in the product category ‘Gardening Accessories’.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 67 × 74 × 106 cm


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