Chicken Coop ‘Cluckingham Palace’


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Capacity: 6 – 12 average-sized chickens
Free-Ranging: Controlled by the owner
Availability: In stock
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Upsize Model: ‘Eggsquisite’
Downsize Model: ‘Kardashi-Hens’

We courier this coop flat-packed to SA metros at no charge.
The re-assembly is straightforward and done by one person in 60 – 90 minutes. The last step requires one assistant to drop in the roof.
No extra tools and no DIY expertise is required.

We deliver and set up in Cape Town and its immediate surroundings at no cost.

Transit Lead Time:
Cape Town: Same or next business day delivery.
SA metros: Average of three business days.
SA rural: Three to five business days.

Payment Methods:
EFT, Visa and Mastercard.

The ‘Cluckingham Palace’ is the right choice if you have more than six chickens that need to be confined temporarily and safely in the fully enclosed chicken run. If a chicken run is unnecessary, the ‘Waldorf Eggstoria’ model might be a better and cheaper selection.

The large hen-house comfortably sleeps up to twelve average chickens on four elevated roosts. Some hens prefer to sleep in the egg box instead, and a nesting box access blocker can do this if you wish to prevent this.

While the chicken roost, their poop will land in two droppings trays below. It is such an easy job to keep the hen house clean. Pull out the trays and scrape the droppings off with a spatula stored inside the eggbox. The poop is a superb addition to the compost.

The egg box contains four differently sized nesting compartments. Hens have not only personalities but also their individual preferences. Some want tight spaces, and others need room, so here they have options.
Up to seven hens share one nest, but the average is three birds to one nest. There is no congestion as they lay their eggs at different times during the day.

Egg collection is a breeze. Just lift the lid, hook it to the roof, and have both hands free. Drop in the nesting box access blocker to keep the chickens away from the nests while you are busy.

You can reach every spot in the hen-house without effort. There is a hinged maintenance door on both sides above the droppings trays, and the robust barrel locks can be padlocked should you see a reason.

The ‘Cluckingham Palace’ has been designed to not overheat in full sun. Cool air draws into the henhouse from underneath, rises as it warms and exits through hidden ventilation slots in the roof.

The henhouse rests on a sturdy base that has been CCA pressure treated. This treatment makes it possible to survive for years without much deterioration, even if placed in mud.
We construct the chicken run with the same material, requiring no maintenance.

All our chicken coops are on those elevated bases for two reasons. One is to provide a shady spot and offer rain protection to the girls. The second reason is rodents, should you be so unfortunate to have those around. The elevation keeps mice and rats out of the henhouse as there is no entry point from underneath. In addition, you could close the chicken access door and even unhook the ladder to fortify the palace.
The most effective prevention to attracting rodents to your coop is to have no food within reach. We highly recommend our ‘No Waste’ Chicken Feeder for this purpose.

The ‘Cluckingham Palace’ is good to sleep up to twelve chickens, but that does not mean that so many birds should remain inside the chicken run permanently. The run is supposed to be a temporary holding pen only. However, we can enlarge the run to any size you deem fit. If you look closely at the pictured chicken run, you might notice that it consists of three sections. We can add any number of segments to arrive at a size that you like.

The standard chicken run has two access doors for maintenance purposes. A nifty optional extra is a small sliding door through which chickens can leave and return. No larger animal will be able to get through, so the chicken run turns into a safe sanctuary for your hens if they need to get away from something. You, of course, can open and close the door as you please. This door comes in handy to let the flock out in the morning and lock them up for the night.

You will notice that we stay away from the customary chicken wire for many reasons. Instead, we use a robust, maintenance-free plastic mesh. It is costly, but it looks better and lasts a lifetime without changing its appearance.

Are you a prospective owner? New to raising chickens? Here is a clickable link to our free guide for the care of pet chickens that covers all the basics: Keeping Chicken 101

Need to chat? Call Uli 071 – 245 1658



  • Two hinged maintenance doors to access the hen-house
  • Two slide-out droppings trays for quick cleaning
  • Large egg box with hinged lid, containing four nesting compartments (usually three hens, but up to seven will share one nest)
  • Nesting compartment access blocker
  • One lockable chicken access door (aperture 30 cm x 20 cm) keeps chickens in or out.
  • Hidden ventilation channels prevent overheating.
  • The four roosts are on different elevations and of different diameters (chicken have their preferences)
  • Three perspex mullion windows
  • The detachable chicken ramp ladder allows for better access control
  • The hen-house is elevated to keep rodents out and provide additional sun and rain protection
  • Two hinged doors give access to the chicken run

Approximate Hen-House Dimensions:
144 cm x 101 cm x 149 cm (h)

Approximate Chicken Run Dimensions:
2.58 m x 1.34 m x 1.04 m (h) = 3.7 m2

Approximate Total Expanse:
2.94 m x 1.46 m
4.23 m2

Weight: ± 109 kg


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3 reviews for Chicken Coop ‘Cluckingham Palace’

  1. Phumzile Mtshali

    This is the best purchase and decision I have made for my chickens. This Chicken Coop is perfect in every way, at night I sleep peacefully without worrying about the noise because I know my neighbours will not hear anything. Once the chickens are inside the Coop you will not hear any noise. It is like it has sound proof, yet with the most perfect ventilation. Even the rooster in the morning the sound is very faint. The service that is provided by Uli is amazing, he delivered the Coop himself, assembled it perfectly and made sure that I am happy with everything before leaving.

    I would really recommend the Cluckingham Palace if you want plenty of space and security for your chickens both during the day and at night when they go to sleep. The wood is heavy duty and resistant towards the Cape Town weathers.

  2. Claire & Josh, Franschhoek (verified owner)

    Uli, the owner, is personally involved in each project and his passion and enthusiasm are infectious. We highly recommend GardenStuff and we are the proud owners of a Cluckingham Palace. The design is so brilliantly thought out and the attention to detail incredible. The extras are definitely worth having a look at depending on your requirements. Claire & Josh, Franschhoek

  3. Hylton Oliver (verified owner)

    Outstanding design, built with high quality components by skilled craftsmen. The attention to detail is amazing. It is really heart-warming to come across craftsmen who obviously take great pride in what they produce.
    Our Cluckingham Palace arrived in Gauteng (by courier) as a flat pack. The tools required for assembly were included and the assembly took my wife and I a couple of hours to complete using the provided comprehensive assembly instructions . (We are both pensioners – so we work slowly ).
    The design simplifies chicken maintenance and egg collection.
    I heartily recommend this coop to anyone intending to keep backyard chickens.

    • Uli (verified owner)

      Wow! What a lovely review. My heartfelt thanks for your compliments, Hylton. I have called in the team and read your words of praise to the men. Everyone is beaming! Thank you so much.

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