Use Case:

The Kindergarten brooder provides a secure and sheltered environment for a broody hen to sit undisturbed on her eggs until they hatch after ±21 days.
The brooder has been designed primarily for the well-being of the chicks. It is super essential for the fluff balls to spend their first weeks in a dry environment that is clean, warm, draught-free, and safe from danger. The walking surface must provide a firm grip for the fragile baby feet, as a slippery floor can cause spraddled legs.

• The material is solid pine throughout, treated with a top marine-grade wood sealer, galvanised bolts and rust-resistant screws, hence suitable for outdoor use.
• A huge panorama window has extra thick, non-shattering plexiglass and provides wide-angled observation of the happenings inside.
• The roof can be lifted to gain access to the interior.
• Multiple screened vents for interior temperature control and ventilation.
• The nest compartment has a hinged lid for quick checks on the broody hen, eggs and chicks.
• The entire interior floor is level for the tiny chicks to move around without obstacles.
• The nest box sports an access blocker to keep mommy hen and baby chicks in while the brooder is serviced.
• The floor grid frame above the tray can be lifted and hosed off for a quick clean.
• A droppings tray below the floor grid slides out for easy cleaning with a poop scraper in the nest compartment.
• A sliding door allows access control by setting the aperture from 0 to 19 cm.
• The ramp to the door is removable.
• This brooder house is easy to assemble and disassemble if it needs to be passed on to another chicken enthusiast.
• An enclosed chick run is an optional addition that adds even more functionality and possibilities to the chicken brooder.

Approximate Dimensions:

Brooder: 100 cm x 67 cm x 74 cm (h)
Brooder Roof: 74 cm x 70 cm x 4.5 cm
Nest Compartment Lid: 73 cm x 36 cm x 3 cm
Sliding Door Aperture: 19 cm (w) x 30 cm (h)

We courier this brooder flat-packed to SA metros at no charge.
The reassembly is straightforward and done by one person in ±20 minutes.
No extra tools and no DIY expertise is required.

We deliver the assembled brooder at no cost in Cape Town and its immediate surroundings.