Allows Bees In – Keeps Pests Out


The massive  ‘Veggie Factory’ is well suited for deep-rooted veggies, having a planting depth of 28 cm.

The plants inside are protected from many pests, including snails, slugs, egg depositing butterflies, picking birds and marauding vervet monkeys.
The solid timber frame is covered with a robust plastic mesh. The diamond apertures are big enough to allow pollinating bees inside to do their job.

The front of the plant guard is a lockable hinged access door that conveniently opens downward.

Free delivery in Cape Town, assembled.



Free delivery in Cape Town, assembled.

Approximate Dimensions:
Container: 120 cm x 46 cm x 150 cm (h)
Soil Volume: 136 litre/dm

Soil Recommendation: (FREE if you collect your pre-ordered planter from the factory)
4 x Organic Power Growth Soil Mix (PWR)
2 x Organic Container Potting Soil 30 dm (PTS-1)

Additional information

Dimensions 120 × 46 × 150 cm
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