Barn Owl Nesting Box


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We use no plywood, no particle board, only solid pine.
The timber is treated with a top marine-grade wood sealer.
They are constructed with rust-resistant screws.
The interior is treated to reduce the risk of bee occupation.
No maintenance is required.
Radical Raptors, Bird of Prey Rehabilitation & Awareness Center has approved the design of this nesting box.

Animal shelters and feeders are non-returnable for animal health protection reasons.

Approximate Dimensions:
48 cm x 48 cm x 51 cm (h)

What is the ideal location for an owl box? Find out below:
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Barn Owl (Tyto alba)

Due to rapid habitat loss and poisonings, owls are especially vulnerable in urban areas.
It is challenging to ‘attract’ owls to your garden. You can, however, provide an owl-friendly environment that might increase the likelihood of wild owls choosing to live nearby.
Food and nesting availability determines whether an owl will remain in an area.
What can you do to help protect Owls?
1. Don’t use chemical rat poisons that kill down the food chain. If you must use poison, products such as Racumen, which do not cause subsequent animal deaths, are the only ones you should use.
2. Get an Owl Box and put it up in your garden.
The ideal location of a Nesting Box:
• 4 – 6 m above the ground; avoid direct sun.
• Install the box out of any prevailing wind.
• Have a clear flight path to the box.
• Be in a quiet area.
• Do not attempt to lure owls to the box with food; this will only encourage other animals and deter the owl.
Nothing rusts on this box, as rust causes wood to rot.
The wood has been sealed with the best marine-grade wood preserve available.
Radical Raptors, Bird of Prey Rehabilitation & Awareness Centre has approved the design of this nesting box.
GardenStuff also stocks Nesting Boxes for the common Spotted Eagle Owl.
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Dimensions 55 × 50 × 52 cm
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