Most of our chicken coop customers are quinquagenarian ladies who don’t want to be bothered with drilling, sawing, hammering, and the like or hiring somebody to assemble the coop for the hens to move in.

This is not an issue in and around Cape Town as we deliver and set it up as part of our customer service, but most chicken coops are shipped nationwide flat-packed.

To make the set-up doable and by one person only, we have eliminated the necessity of all kinds of tools in the design, apart from a pair of spanners (supplied) to tighten some nuts lightly.

The result is a chicken coop, big or small, built with prefabricated components that one person slots together quickly. The development didn’t happen overnight and took us years to perfect. A little while ago, one still needed a screwdriver, but we got rid of having to use that tool too.

The re-assembly process is so simple that most people can do it, even without the aid of a manual. But just in case, every coop comes with an illustrated step-by-step re-assembly manual.

Many proud owners email us feedback and send photos of their newly acquired chicken coops; some even do us the honour by rating their purchase on the website. The simplicity of the re-assembly is frequently stated.