We’re thinking about getting a chicken coop, and yours looks to be the nicest I’ve found! And the reviews I’ve read are great 🙂

We’re just worried about attracting more snakes (as there are a lot of snakes where we are in rural Gauteng), and I am mostly just worried about our kids encountering snakes while collecting eggs. Do your designs consider snakes in particular, or do you have amendments/suggestions for us that we could add to your coops?

Dear Jessica,

We understand your concerns about snakes, especially with young children. Many of our customers are in areas with a high snake population, so we’ve given much thought to this issue. In the 12 years we’ve been building chicken coops, we’ve never had a single report of a snake getting into one of our coops.

We design all our coops with snake safety in mind:

  • Solid Construction: The henhouses are enclosed with solid wood on all sides, including the bottom, to prevent snakes from slithering in.
  • Screened Ventilation: Even the ventilation holes are covered with fine mesh to keep out unwanted visitors while allowing for airflow.
  • Secure Doors: The chicken door and egg box lid close tightly, leaving no gaps for snakes to exploit.
  • Elevated Design: The entire coop is raised off the ground, creating an additional barrier against snakes.
  • Enclosed Run: The chicken run is fully enclosed with durable, tightly woven mesh that snakes cannot penetrate.

With these features in place, snakes will have difficulty accessing your chickens or eggs as long as the doors are closed.