• Superior Soil

For plants to thrive, they need light, fluffy and air-filled soil. Containers have less compacted soil because it has been filled in and is not walked upon, which allows the roots to breathe. The earth is more comfortable to work, and weeding is not such a pain anymore.

  • Easy Access! What a joy

Forget bending your body into all crazy angles and poses to reach your favourite veggies right at the back. Avoid having to crouch down to pluck some fresh basil from your herb garden. One of the main appeals of raised garden beds is their accessibility and adaptability. If you are past the days of getting down on your hands and knees to get your thumbs green, use elevated planters. Because of their design, which is usually rectangular or square shape, it is comfortable to reach every plant, even those at the very back. Now you can examine every plant, water, fertilise and pick with ease.

  • Utilise that precious water

We all know by now that water is a valuable resource, and we should use it well in our gardens. Wooden planters utilise water and moisture more efficiently than their traditional in-ground counterparts, due to the soil being less compact. So when you are watering a slightly loosened soil, it will absorb what it needs, and the rest will sink deep down into the ground and drain, encouraging your plants to thrive.

  • Combat pesky pests

With planter boxes, you keep any underground critters out. Using elevated planters will keep your plants safe and sound from curious dogs and rabbits.

  • Higher yield harvests

Because the quality of soil in raised garden beds and planter boxes is much better than that in ordinary garden space, they generally have a higher yield of produce. An abundance of freshly picked tomatoes, strawberries and mint– yes, please!

  • Pretty plants all year round

Raised garden beds and wooden planters are great for moderating heat, as they tend to warm up quicker and easier, without overheating. With the soil being able to warm better, this creates favourable growing conditions for your crop for a longer time. So you can expect your general gardening seasons to be slightly extended, meaning more pretty produce more often!

  • The aesthetic appeal

Yes, all gardens, not just those of the raised variety can be deemed attractive, but raised garden beds, if thought out and designed well are sure to become a focal point in your backyard and draw compliments from neighbours and visitors alike. Some common remarks you may hear include- utterly fabulous, I must have one, oh that raised garden bed is to die for!